📚 Alba - an Open World Adventure Book 📚

Created by Inside the Box

An innovative branching narrative gamebook, set in a desolate post-apocalyptic world. How will your journey end?

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Chapter 16...
7 months ago – Fri, Feb 05, 2021 at 04:46:12 PM

Hello Explorers!

We’re now in the final hours of the Alba Kickstarter, and we’ve almost blasted our final stretch goal! We cannot believe the journey we’ve had through this campaign, and we’re all hoping that you’ll find your journey through Alba equally as rewarding!

What does the end of the campaign mean?

For now, not a huge amount! Tomorrow we’re planning on putting out two more updates - one with the final writing competition winners, and one with a bit of information about our planned timelines in the next few months, both in terms of the pledge manager (Backerkit) and the stretch goals.

We’ve managed to unlock a LOT of stretch goals, which is absolutely phenomenal, and we want to keep you updated on how we’re moving forward with all of them!

After tomorrow’s updates, we’ll probably go a bit quieter - we’ll still be available if you need us, so feel free to message/ comment, but we’ll be slowly learning to not refresh the page every 30 seconds so it may take a bit more time to respond! We’re planning on giving you updates at least once a month, every month, until the campaign is fulfilled, but for the next few months they’ll probably be a bit more frequent.

You can expect more artwork from Marco and LOTS of updates on the app development, as well as information on Backerkit, which we’ll be launching as soon as possible. As we get closer to fulfilment, updates will probably become less frequent, but no less exciting - that’s when we’ll be getting into production with the factory and getting those sweet sweet samples in!

Last notes for now

As we’re entering the final hours of the campaign, we wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s backed so far! We also wanted to remind you that there are still a few locked achievements, so if you want to get those ending illustrations as art cards, be sure to like and follow us now!

Finally, if you haven’t entered the final writing competition yet, make sure you do it soon! Entry closes at 11:59pm GMT TONIGHT, and winners will be announced tomorrow. Not only do winners get a free Dagger’s Dagger pledge, but all winning entries will also be included in the prologue booklet which will be included in every pledge!

Thank you all so much for your support so far, we're truly honored, Team Inside the Box x

Chapter 15...
8 months ago – Tue, Feb 02, 2021 at 11:27:38 PM

Hello Explorers!

As we’re closing in on the final 48 hours of the campaign, we’re also closing in on the final announced stretch goals! We’re extremely close to unlocking the special case for all Dagger’s Dagger pledges, which is fantastic! After that, we’ve got some more app content to unlock 👀

In addition to that, we’ve also unlocked one of our achievements, which means we’ve unlocked the coveted Fields of Alba art card pack! All we have to unlock now are the three sets of ending artwork, so keep those likes and follows coming!

In addition to that, we’ve commissioned some extra artwork from Marco to be included with the books - this is what he’s working on right now!

Here's a sneak peek! (Apologies for the low quality in advance, I had to take a screenshot from a video)

Until we meet again...

Team Inside the Box x

Chapter 14...
8 months ago – Tue, Feb 02, 2021 at 10:52:23 PM

Hello Explorers!

Over the weekend and today, we’ve managed to absolutely smash even more stretch goals! Between our last update and now, we cruised right on through getting audio content narrated by machine learning, and have now upgraded to a fully interactive audiobook narrated by an actual human!

It’s going to be quite an undertaking on our end (at about 160,000 words of narrative for the main book, it’s looking like that’ll be at a minimum, more than 21 hours of audio content - and that’s just for the narrative), but we’re so happy to have unlocked it!

On top of that, we’re cruising steadily towards our next stretch goal, as well as the end of the campaign! In case you haven’t been watching like a hawk, we only have 3 days to go before the campaign ends, which means there are only 3 days left to unlock those final stretch goals! We’re tantalisingly close to some of our final achievements (we’re within 100 people for both our main Inside the Box and Open World Adventure Books Facebook pages), which will let us unlock some of the last illustrations for the art card packs! The chapters included in the Fields of Alba have some of my favourite illustrations in the book, and that’s the next one we’ll be unlocking - so we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

Not to mention, there are only three days left to enter the final week of our prologue writing competition!! If you win, you not only get a FREE Dagger’s Dagger pledge (which we’ll contact you about and set up through Backer Kit after the campaign ends), but your writing will also be featured in the prologue booklet we unlocked through this campaign!

We’re currently at over 6800 backers, which is absolutely phenomenal. This is the biggest project Inside the Box has ever had on Kickstarter (that’s right, we beat Sub Terra), which is absolutely incredible. Thank you all so much for putting your faith in us, and in this project - we can’t wait to get the books to you later this year!

Team Inside the Box x

Chapter 13...
8 months ago – Fri, Jan 29, 2021 at 07:05:05 PM

Hello Explorers!

What a way to end the week! We’ve managed to absolutely smash yet another stretch goal, which means that all images in the app will be animated! The animation really helps to elevate Marco’s already fantastic illustrations, so we couldn’t be more excited about this being unlocked! The next few stretch goals are also related to the app - specifically, making some great audio content to further elevate your experience, and even a fully interactive audiobook!

We’ve also just had a very successful Q&A session with Alba author H.L. Truslove - if you missed it, you can still check it out on Facebook or our Youtube channel!

In addition to all that, we’ve had another great round of entries for our prologue competition! A big congratulations to our winners - RachelStead, bartaz, Michael Girdwood, and JacobOgre! You can check out their entries (and enter the final week’s competition) in our new pinned update - Prologue part 3!

Time for a bit of housekeeping - as most of you have noticed, if you were a backer yesterday, you will have received a message asking you to fill in a typeform.

We’re really sorry for any confusion this caused you! The survey was sent out by BackerKit, who will be running our pledge manager post-campaign. As it was managed by BackerKit, who are based in the US, a lot of confusion has stemmed from the “Are you planning to have your rewards shipped” question.

To clarify, the survey was sent to everyone who has backed the campaign, regardless of whether or not you have pledged for a physical copy of one of the books. If you’ve pledged for an ebook and were confused about why you got that question, don’t worry - you aren’t suddenly going to be getting something you’ll need to pay shipping for!

If you’re concerned about why the only answers for “Are you planning to have your rewards shipped” were “USA” and “International”, don’t worry - we’re still going to have regional fulfilment hubs, and we’ll make sure you get the best deal on shipping that’s available.

We recognise that the survey was a bit confusing, so we’re really sorry about that! If you have any further questions about it, please post them below - our inbox on Kickstarter was rather full this morning, so hopefully we can have some frequently asked questions in the comments here!

Team Inside the Box x

Prologue Part 3...
8 months ago – Fri, Jan 29, 2021 at 05:36:09 PM

Hello Explorers!

Once again, a massive thank you and congratulations to everyone who entered this week’s prologue competition - there were some really amazing entries and once more some really tough choices for the team to make!

Now, for the winners (and winning entries)!

Given a gift - RachelStead

The familiar comfort of your living quarters provides a much needed calm. A seemingly slowed time of contemplation for the decisions and changes ahead. You and Vola huddle side by side, hands cupping mugs of piping hot tea.

Vola stirs in her seat, but your gaze remains fixated on the crystalline amber pool in your palms. The rising steam warms your cheeks, bringing a slight sting to your eyes, but still you distract yourself from what's to come with the gentle ascending wisps. A small flicker of colour dances across the surface as you finally turn to face Vola.

She chuckles as you return to the moment. While you'd been staring into the depths of the tea, Vola had been trying not to disturb you while removing her necklace. Now slung in her hand, the conch shell charm sways, its mother of pearl surface shimmering in pastel pinks and greens. She holds it out closer to you.

“You should have this,” She smiles. You quickly set down your tea and timidly grab the necklace. There had always been something magical about how the light echoed from this little shell, and as Vola helps place it around your neck, a heavy pride weighs down from it's delicate form.

You and Vola share trembling grins, embracing with tight grasps and joyful tears.

“I'll always be with you in a way, love. When your lonely just give me a listen and you'll hear my voice on the waves.”

You giggle a little to yourself. “Yeah, I can hear it now” you say, holding the charm up to your ear. “Wear a jacket, it's bloody windy!”

The two of you fall about laughing, eyes still wet with tears. There's a sudden knock at the door.

“Come on shipmate, it's Gaia. Wanna check out poop deck?” She laughs, admiring her own joke.

You're not sure how much time has passed since the ceremony, but could you really have to leave already? You could Join Gaia and go the boat now, or you could ask her to come back later and spend a bit more quality time with Vola.

Find nice coat - bartaz

You say your last thanks and goodbyes, and leave one of your most beloved places in the whole vault. On your arms, you feel the weight of the quite heavy and sturdy coat. You run your hand over the fabric - it is strong but flexible and quite pleasant. It’s definitely not something you would need to wear in the vault. Had it belonged to an explorer before? Maybe it has been to the Old World already? Well, if its previous owner had safely returned to the Vault wearing it, it has to be a good sign.

You unfold the bundled coat and put it on over your vault suit.

The padding is soft and warm, and the sleeves are a bit too long, but at least you will be able to keep your hands inside them when it gets freezing.

So, is that it? Am I a real explorer now? - you ask yourself feeling the inevitably impending voyage. You really wish to see yourself in this coat before you hit the road, so you rush through the corridors, walk into the nearest baths. It is empty at that hour and only the noise of the fans and the occasional dripping water disturb the silence.  You wipe one of the mirrors with your sleeve and take a step back to see your new self in all its glory.

You straighten up, neaten the coat and put your hands in the pockets, trying to look fierce and confident. And in the misty mirror, this coat almost makes you look like a great explorer of the Old World. Almost… because your eyes don’t lie, they are still the eyes of a young vault dweller, leaving their home into an uncertain, exciting, but also scary future.

You put on the hood, hiding your face in its shadow. Well, that will do it for now.

A familiar voice breaks you out of your reverie. Someone down the hallway is calling out your name. Is that…

Steal the pocketknife - Michael Girdwood

You are seized by an insane urgency and, for a moment, all the smoke you spread over your application lifts and you are left with your disgust for all things Vault. You take the knife and fold its blade away as you look at the old man. “I’m so glad to be done with this place,” you mutter. “So glad to be done with life-long Vaulters like you.”

You turn and run.

You expect to hear a call to stop, a shout for help, or footsteps following you down the corridor. Instead, silence.

"Really?" You think. "That easy?"

But that is life in the Vault. Everyone expects this sort of thing of you. You aren’t making choices so much as playing a role. That is what you are looking to escape. Other applicants actually want to go to the Old World. You have always, simply, wanted to leave this one. This is about going somewhere, anywhere, else. You signed the waivers ironically. What belongings do you have to leave behind? You will be taking everything with you on the boat, including, now, a small sharp knife.

You will be taking everything… but Vola.

Sliding the knife deeper into your pocket, you turn toward what passes for home.

* * * * *

The room isn’t much, but it is all you have ever claimed. You suspect you will be particularly well-suited to the cramped truth of life on the boat. You don’t even claim this whole room, just the padded space in the corner. The room is Vola’s.

Vola took you in. She was there for you, watched over you, cared for you when, to anyone else, you would have been only an obligation. She will likely be the only one praying for you after you leave.

You won’t miss the Vault, but you don't wish to dwell on how much you will miss Vola.

You enter the room and scan a lifetime of your memories in a single glance. Vola sits at the small table, the Deeps board laid out in front of her. You can tell from the red rims of her eyes that she has been crying, but she does not let you see the tears. Your own eyes well up momentarily before you look away, gathering your bag.

“I guess this is goodbye.” Did she say it or did you?

“Look at the time.”

It is time to leave the Vault.

Buy nice rations - JacobOgre

You walk out holding your rations, still aggravated at Crawley. You are simultaneously frustrated at yourself for letting him get to you and proud of yourself for reacting to his prodding. He’s always gotten pleasure out of getting a rise out of others.

You walk back toward your rooms to make final preparations for your trip. The weight of everything hangs heavily on your shoulders and you find yourself becoming unusually aware of other people you pass. A small group of children—two girls and a smaller boy—are following you, keeping their distance down the hall. Their kid-whispers are not quiet enough and you can hear their mix of admiration, confusion, and excitement about you and the upcoming journey. Their giggling makes you feel unsure of yourself and unsettled. A rush of uncertainty—is this what you really wanted? Did you work so hard for a mistake?

Back in your room, you are packing for the trip and find yourself weighing every decision. You don’t have much but you have room to take even less. You were so sure about this for so long, and now…

You realize Vola is standing in the doorway, grinning at your indecisiveness.

“Having trouble deciding what to take?”

“This shouldn’t be so hard, should it?” you ask.

“Today is a big day, and you worked hard for this. It adds a . . . significance . . . to everything.” You both stand silently for a brief moment. She continues: “I am proud of you, but I will miss you.”

You feel a slight embarrassment. You and Vola have cared deeply for each other for years, but that caring has rarely been demonstrated verbally. You struggle to find the courage to express yourself, but Vola speaks first.

“Viktor was looking for you.”

You know Vola is giving you a way to escape without a long sentimental goodbye. You could excuse yourself and go somewhere where Viktor can find you. But you only have a few minutes until you need to head to the boat. Should you spend a few more minutes with Vola? Would these last few minutes together bring joy, or just prolong the sadness of leaving?

Once again, a massive congratulations to all our winners! We’ll be contacting you shortly to make sure you know you’ve won a free Dagger’s Dagger pledge!

In addition to this, we’re launching the third and final round of the writing competition!

Like last week’s round, there are 4 options you can choose to write - all of which lead from this round’s entries!

Writing Options:

  • Called to boat by Gaia (must lead to “Friendly with crewmates” and “Seasick”)
  • Realise you’ll be late and go to the boat (must lead to “Friendly with crewmates” and “Focused on your mission”)
  • Viktor finds you (must lead to “Seasick” and “Into the mist”)
  • Vola tells you to go to the boat (must lead to “Focused on your mission” and “Into the mist”)

How to enter:

Choose one of the writing directions, write what you think should come next, and post your entry as a comment on THIS UPDATE - we’ll keep it pinned throughout the week so it’s easy to find. Each entry should be between 200-500 words long.

We’ll choose at least one winner for each category, who will receive a FULL Dagger’s Dagger pledge for free when we fulfill the campaign. We’re closing the competition at 11:59pm GMT this coming Thursday (4 February), so we have time to read through all the entries ahead of the 5th when we’ll announce our final round of winners!